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There comes a time in nearly everyone’s life where the services of a lawyer are required. To help in this process, this pamphlet was prepared by the State Bar of Georgia to aid and assist individuals and businesses in choosing a lawyer.

  • Identifying a legal problem
  • Choosing a Lawyer
  • Fees/Costs and Initial consultation
  • Based on my situation, do I have a legal problem?
  • Are you the lawyer who can help me? Is this something you routinely handle? If not, can you refer me to someone who does?
  • How much will this cost me?
  • How long will it take to solve my legal problem?
  • What results can I expect? What do you expect to accomplish?
  • The Expectation of the Client and the Lawyer

Identifying a legal problem
A good way to determine whether you have a legal problem or need legal assistance is to ask a lawyer. Most lawyers will initially discuss and determine whether you have a legal problem without charging a fee.

Choosing a Lawyer
Once you decide to call a lawyer, the next decision is which one. In order to determine this, the following is a list of suggestions that might help you decide who to call:
Ask friends, teachers, employer, co-workers, minister, relatives, neighbors, or anyone you trust which lawyer(s) they have used and if they did a good job.
Go to your local public library and ask for the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory. It lists most lawyers and their area of practice within your community, the State of Georgia and the United States.
Ask other lawyers, or
Call your local Legal Aid or Public Defender’s office to see if you qualify for representation.

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